What Can I Do For You?



Meet Paola

I am a wife and mom of 7 children, all now graduates of my very own and very real homeschool (ages 31-19 and notice I did not say perfect!) 

I bring my love of my faith, marriage, family and my grateful heart! I bring to each coaching session, my 25 years of home education experience that is truly family-tested!

I also bring the vast knowledge I gained from founding and running Emmanuel Books, the trusted source for these past 20+ years, where I personally researched and sought the very best books/resources for families...Always through a Catholic lens, always with realistic goals in mind to bring mom inner peace! 

It was during that time too, that I had the honor to consult with hundreds of families to bring them encouragement, focus and JOY into their own unique homeschool journey!



Choose a session, or build an all-inclusive package that suits any budget!

One-on-one Planning time

One hour together, audio session we can record "LIVE" no matter where you live in the world. During our time together we will discuss options and map out a doable plan for your family. ($157)

Written Action Plan

Everything we talked about in our "LIVE" session summarized in a written follow-up account with details and steps to follow, a ready-to-implement stepwise plan of action. ($97)

Follow-up Email Consults 

Three follow-up email consulting sessions, with any length email and any questions, problems, or concerns addressed completely. I will respond with advice that clarifies and gives focus. ($75/3)

Year long Consultant

Not just one but THREE in depth consultations, one to get you started, one mid year to adjust and tweak and a final wrap up to cover the whole year. ($357)

Target Call Sessions

With a 60 minute call together, we can solve a real immediate need that is holding you back and giving you doubt and struggle! Many moms opt for a weekly call to create accountability which works to turn ideas/goals into real actions and success! ($97 per session)

Tweak My Plans Session

Together we discuss, in detail, your plan. Then I walk you through my recommendations. The call can be recorded too, so you can go back and review anytime. I will follow-up with a written summary of the recommendations we discussed, including a suggested subject grid per student/family as well as resource links. ($257)

Transcript Creation and Review Session

My comprehensive transcript planning services help you to record and plan a transcript suited to your child's goals. You and your child will be well pleased with the customization a homeschool curriculum can provide and ready them for their future goals. ($197)

Membership in Private Group

Access to a secret Facebook Group with other Catholic homeschool parents who are also consulting clients together-for support, encouragement, fellowship, more answers to questions, articles, additional planning tips, ideas for liturgical observances, time management tips, and more. (clients - $20/mo)

Want a Package




  • Discovery Call (Value:$50)
  • One-on-one Consulting time (Value: $157)
  • Written Action Plan (Value: $97)
  • Follow-up Email Consults (Value: $75)

The value of the Silver Package is over $375. However, for this special package, the cost for all of the above items has been discounted to $199. That's a more than 40% off the total value! 

Your Total Cost of the Silver Package: $199 

  • Discovery Call (Value:$50)
  • Power session to Create or Tweak My Plans Session (Value: $257)
  • Weekly Target Call Sessions for first coaching month (Value: $357)
  • Follow-up Email Consults (Value: $75)

With all that's in the Gold package, the value of this package is over $700. However, the Gold Package Total Cost is discounted to just $549. 

Your Total Cost of the Gold Package: $549

  • Discovery Call (Value:$50)
  • Power session to Create or Tweak My Plans Session (Value: $257)
  • Year long Consultant (Value: $257)
  • Weekly Target Call Sessions for first coaching month (Value: $357)
  • Transcript Review Session (Value:$197)
  • Follow-up Email Consults (Value: $75)

With all that’s in the Platinum package the value of this package is over $1100. However, the Platinum Package total cost is discounted to just $799. 

Your Total Cost of the Platinum Package: $799



What My Clients Say


"Paola's calm, confident, and expert guidance was a key determinant in choosing to homeschool. She helped us create a curriculum that challenged our daughter while keeping her passionate about her studies. Paola is a true guardian angel." 

-Tricia Q.

"I just love dealing with you... and recommend you to all new and old home schoolers.... thank you again for offering all that you do! "

-Annemarie C.

I just wanted to thank you, and let you know just how much you've blessed this family. Our journey would not be the same without you, and for that we're grateful. Thank you so much! God Bless!

-Amy B.

"If I ever felt a homeschool struggle, it wasn’t for long. I knew Paola would have the answer and often she called me before I even called her! She knew. She anticipated. Her advice was personal. She knew the questions to ask me and she knew where to direct me. Her wide breadth of knowledge regarding materials and resources…even experiences and feelings of a homeschool mom…gave her the ability to always have a good suggestion, or a plan B. She gave assurances that it would all work out. It has. For 12 years now, and every stage of homeschooling, K-12 and across all curriculum, I continue to rely on her and our regular talks. I couldn’t imagine not doing so. Paola is a touchstone. She’s calming and caring and if there was a Doctorate of homeschooling, she’d deserve it!" 

-Allison G.

"I love being able to trust all of your recommendations. Thank you again!"  

-Trina M.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful help you have been all this time! May the Holy Spirit keep you strong in this service to all the home school families needing your service of good Catholic material with which to teach and learn.  

-Voni P.